Titles available from Event Horizon Press:
The Carl Barks Fan Club Pictorial series:
Send an email to me, Barb, with "Discount Code" in the subject line
and in the email contents, select the title(s) you would like to order.
I will send you an email with a link to the CreateSpace eStore and a discount code for your choice of:
Recalling Carl
The CBFC Pictorial Premiere Issue
The CBFC Pictorial Gold Strike Issue 
The CBFC Pictorial Creative Process Issue
The CBFC Pictorial Carl Barks Legacy Issue
The CBFC Pictorial Treasures from the Vault of Kim Weston
The CBFC Pictorial Parallel Duck Universe Issue
The CBFC Pictorial Carl Barks Mickey Mouse Issue
The CBFC Pictorial Carl Barks Old California Special Issue
The Bark Fan's Potpourri


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