Titles available from Event Horizon Press:
The Carl Barks Fan Club Pictorial
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NEW -- Juror Number 3,
Johnson, Linda

NEW -- Cuentos Fabulosos: The Foxes of Aesop, Los Zorros de Esopo,
Vigil, Jose Herminio Orlando


NEW -- Billy the Kid Meets His Ghost, de Aragon, Ray John


NEW -- Behind the Covers, Awad, Ludella
      Also available as an eBook

A Simpler Time, A Simpler Place, Gerald Locklin
     Also available as an eBook

A Visit to Madame Wu'sDavid W. Cowles

Candy CityRay John de Aragon

Carved Clay, Jerry Hopkins Velarde

Daily Observance, Brenda Joyce
Scheduled for publication 2019

Exceptional DepravityLloyd Billingsley

Firestorm, Ron Harmon

Fright NightRay John de Aragon

Happy Valley USAJ.R. Fisher

Hemingway Colloquium, The Poet Goes to Cuba, Gerald Locklin
L5, Joseph Robert Cowles5


La LloronaRosalia de Aragon


Mistress of Monterey, Virginia Stivers Bartlett

Recalling Carl, Joseph Robert Cowles

Small Island, Anthony Pignataro

Somewhere Upriver, Patrick Loafman

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Sample chapters


 Stealing Cars With The Pros, Anthony Pignataro


The Adventures of J.R. Engels in the Great Pacific Northwest, James Randall Fisher
The Common Garden, Martha Moffett


 The Dead Season, Anthony Pignataro

 The Story of Redmanship, Will E. Cowles

Two of Hearts, Warren John Deacon-Wren and Lupos Sobre-Vega

 Vanished, Elroy Schwartz


 Video Days, Nancy Cain


 Why Wasn't My Teacher in School Today?, Barbora Holan Cowles



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